You have found someone who makes you an elegant company website. And then? Web sites, like social networks, must be managed and updated constantly with useful and relevant contents, otherwise they do not produce an economic return that ustifies the investment made.
Website and social media  can not be just an expense, but must be an instrument to help you to grow your business. In fact, the efficacy of traditional advertising and marketing are always smaller, they are very expensive and do not help you reach new ones markets. Your potential customers are used to surfing the net and searching information, reviews and opinions of who has already bought a product. Information and answers published on your site and on social networks transform the visitor into your own customer. This is why we at iNNOVA coordinate all online tools (newsletter, company website, blog, social network etc.) to guarantee one effective communication to reach the sales objectives of your company.

Why rely on an external web marketing agency?

Performing a web marketing activity requires different skills and it is a team job. For this reason it is not enough to entrust the management of the site and social networks to an employee within the company, with a professional profile specialized on other. In short, it is not enough to create a company website or a Facebook page, but it is necessary to use them and exploit them in the best way. The competence of the “common users” of web tools is not enough, but we must constantly intercept the needs of current and future customers, listening to them and studying their choices and habits. Relying on an external web marketing agency guarantees your company a communication in line with the times, with a limited cost and multidisciplinary team of professionals.

What do we do for your company?

By trusting on the management of corporate web channels, you have the advantage of having at your service a team of experts in writing, translation and publishing any useful information to your current and future customers. Here’s what we do for you:
  • We turn visitors to your website or social networks into new ones clients, involving them according to the criteria of web marketing, with the most suitable channels for every reality.
  • We know your company and its products and welcome them in a useful and engaging way, so that visitors will get the answers they are looking for.
  • We update the website and social media in the languages of foreign markets to which you intend to aim. In this way, the whole world can understand the quality of your products.
  • We regularly study the collected results, to highlight what works and what does not work, and we report them in the statistics in order to check the progress of your investment.