We guarantee the decentralization, transparency, security and immutability of large amounts of data through and CYBERSECURITY technologies

Web Vulnerability Assessment
The Vulnerability Assessment Scanner tool allows the identification of vulnerabilities and critical security issues of websites and web applications.

Digital Forensic Analyst
Support needed in the event of data breaches, computer fraud or abusive access to the computer system.

Penetration Test
The Penetration Test is a manual service aimed at highlighting any
vulnerabilities and security issues present and indicating countermeasures.

Data Breach Incident Response
Package of skills, technologies and methodology to support companies in managing data breaches.

Phishing Attack Simulation
The service makes it possible to identify corporate phishing risk exposure and to educate employees to recognise and identify potentially malicious e-mails.

Network Vulnerability Assessment
The online network scanner service allows scanning of infrastructure and devices to identify vulnerabilities and security issues.

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