Internet is a powerful and complex channel, to approach in a creative way, with a view to continuous innovation: words are the key. SEO techniques – Search Engine Optimization and SEM – Search Engine Marketing represent an important strategic tool for companies that want to do business on the web. More and more people, activities, goods and services can be reached through search engines such as Google, optimizing your website with web marketing tools is essential for your user to reach your company’s website while browsing. Being easily traceable on the web is more than important: it is fundamental. The first step for website optimization is to focus on the content of the site: a quality content includes keywords that are useful to your goals, reasoned according to the requests of your users and that take into account how you place the competition on the engines of research.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows to improve the positioning within theTO search engine results (SERP), by identifying the best keywords for your sector. In order to emerge your site on the first page of search engines is a large and heterogeneous work. To improve the positioning of the website we can assist you in writing articles that talk to users of your product in an innovative and interesting way. Quality content will attract new potential customers and search engines, raising the position of your site.


The SEM activity (Search Engine Marketing) consists of web marketing operations aimed at increasing the number of site visitors and conversions from user to customer. Also in this case, the most important and most valid work for site positioning is the choice of keywords on which to concentrate their efforts. It is a complex work of analysis and targeted selection. Reasoning in terms of business strategy, knowing your keywords also helps you achieve a competitive advantage in terms of news compared to competitors, to meet the best in all market developments.