Video Amination All companies need to spread a message that manages to arrive spontaneously and immediately to the end user.

Very often, however, the videos are not able to transmit in the most congenial way an information or a specific concept, for the most demanding targets, or they fail to mark particular frames. Thanks to new technologies, nowadays, it is possible to create videos in animation that can tell the business profile and its products through animated infographics, animations in motion graphics, cartoons and 3D animation films. Through the use of different 2D and 3D animation techniques, our agency is able to create videos that can be shared on all platforms and channels of communication, intranet, website, youtube, social, trade shows or congresses, limiting certain costs compared to the past.


In recent years the video with the animation technique, both 2D and 3D, have undergone an exponential growth in the world of corporate videos and not.

More and more companies choose this method to represent their image or brand, because:

  • with the infographic you have much more creative freedom and expression compared to real shots;
  • thanks to the strong versatility and elasticity, video motion graphics is becoming an excellent compromise between quality and price;
  • all the themes, even the most complex, through 2D animation are represented in a simple and funny way;
  • through the production of video in animation it is possible to recreate production processes, special frames or settings that are impossible with normal video production techniques.

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