Digitization of water networks with the aim of reducing water waste and having an effective management through intelligent systems for monitoring, management and measurement, knowledge to support decisions and awareness of consumption.


  • Representation of the water network and flows in real-time on a digital map (useful in identifying inefficiencies and malfunctions in real time);
  • Accurate analysis of a rather complex water network in order to extrapolate important information on its distribution structure;
  • Insertion of the federated blockchain concept for storing data on the maintenance of IoT devices installed by the organization that manages the network;
  • Monitoring of the water network through trusted and certified IoT devices;
  • Use of smart meters to allow to reduce the costs related to the management.

Innovative Elements

  • Digitization of a complex water network starting from existing projects;
  • BigData analysis and AI implementation for both flow management and maintenance.
  • Cyber security and blockchain for data management;
  • Remote reading and effective management of users.