Strengthen the governance of information security. SECURITY GOVERNANCE

Edit Column Duplicate Column Add Column Remove Column Edit Widget Duplicate Widget Remove Widget Adequately managing the information processed within the organization means first of all knowing it. Based on this, it is then necessary to understand the most suitable model to manage them safely.


We give support on how to build an information security governance model within the organization.

The Steps

  1. Analysis: we perform analyzes to know the organization and IT architecture. We verify how the organizational and procedural processes related to information security are managed and governed.
  2. Evaluation: we evaluate the management of processes, their formalization and the presence of an adequate safety culture.
  3. Corrections: we work on IT and information security processes. We update or rewrite the workflows (related to data or procedural logic) based on what emerged from the analyzes, entering the specific context of the organization.

  4. Measurement: we provide the tools to measure the performance of what has been changed.

The Results

A governance of information security without weak points. We guarantee the security of information within the organization, thanks to new or different flows.

The Expertise

We have the right mix of experience and transversal skills that allow a broad view of application and operational scenarios. We optimize the processes according to the company reality and support it in constant performance monitoring.


Over time we have gained the necessary skills to highlight all the aspects that can hinder you in achieving the desired objectives.