Building the architecture of a secure IT. IT SYSTEM AND ARCHITECTURE SECURITY DESIGN

The ideal time to design IT architecture is when an organization is being born. Only in this way is it possible to think without constraints of an IT System and Architecture Design in line with business needs, which easily meets expectations, budgets and security requirements. But this need also emerges in the event of changes such as divestments or extensions: the new architecture must harmonize with the existing one without negatively impacting.


We design and design the IT architecture of a company with a view to information security.

The Steps

  1. Survey: we understand the needs of the organization to structure a tailor-made IT.

  2. Security analysis: we understand how sensitive the business is to the issue of security, starting from a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

  3. Evaluation: we define which technological, structural and organizational measures must be introduced to favor the adequate level of safety.

  4. Design: we create the IT architecture based on the results collected.

The Results

The design of the IT infrastructure with a view to systems security.

The Expertise

We design an IT architecture that is designed from the outset for information security, as well as oriented towards budget, complexity, output, performance: this allows you to reduce the costs of subsequent designs that would have little or no impact. We do this because a correctly designed security design by default gives the best guarantees of protection.


Over time we have gained the necessary skills to highlight all the aspects that can hinder you in achieving the desired objectives.