Understand the level of compliance with safety standards. COMPLIANCE EVALUATION

Before carrying out any technological, procedural or organizational change, it is necessary to carry out analyzes. Through a Compliance Evaluation, i.e. correctly estimated assessments, it will be possible to implement what is actually useful for regulatory compliance.


We carry out a Gap Analysis to understand the level of compliance with a standard to which the organization must comply.

The Steps

  1. Research: we acquire all company documents that describe existing processes.

  2. Analysis: we examine the relevant processes for regulatory purposes.
  3. Comparison: we create a checklist useful to understand what the standard requires and if the company procedures are aligned with the requests.
  4. Interviews: we collect information from the organization’s staff: we verify that it correctly performs the tasks in the various processes involved in the analysis.
  5. Reporting: we present the non-compliant aspects and the actions to be taken to improve the existing situation and align.

The Results

Definition of the degree of compliance of the company with the legislation in question and proposal of investments useful for alignment.

The Expertise

We illustrate the results of the Compliance Evaluation with language appropriate to the interlocutor and based on the corporate functions to which it responds. We deal not only with technical staff, but also with management through executive summary on the perception of value, potential risks, the need to allocate a certain budget.


Over time we have gained the necessary skills to highlight all the aspects that can hinder you in achieving the desired objectives.