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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality projects the user into alternative worlds, catapults him to every corner of the world, allows him to experience adventures and experiences personally, from a subjective point of view,  widening the sense of involvement and making more direct interaction. To spread virtual reality are overall the evolution of mobile devices: the smartphone has been transformed from a unit dedicated exclusively to communication to a versatile and multifunctional instrument, equipped with a computing power comparable to that of traditional computers and having the screen task for entertainment. Hence the idea of ​​exploiting the display inside a viewer, positioning it a few centimeters from the eyes and dividing it into two distinct parts to simulate stereoscopy.

Augmented Reality

It may sometimes happen to mistakenly confuse virtual reality and augmented reality. Although the two approaches to the use of content can coexist, they arise from different principles: Virtual Reality technologies create around the user an environment that has no connection with the real world, occupying the entire visual field of the user to project information or images through one or more displays, while those in Augmented Reality overlap data, holograms or other elements to what you would see not wearing the device.

360 ° Virtual Business Tours

The 360 ​​° Virtual Business Tour technology allows all users to see the structure and / or places even before physically entering that place. The power of a virtual tour will change the way people see business activity or the tourist / cultural attraction. They say that a picture can say a thousand words .. Imagine what you can generate through immersive 360 ​​° technology Virtual Tours!

360 ° Immersive Video

From browsing photographs, static and motionless, we move to the navigation of movies: panoramic videos are making inroads and on YouTube you can already see and surf 360-degree video of this hypnotic beauty that is difficult take their eyes off them.